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Seven, a number surrounded by mystery and that has marked the life of man since immemorial times: the days of the week, the seas of the planet, capital sins, chakras or energy points of the human body, musical notes, colors of rainbow and countless other cases. Seven represents the physical body and the soul, being the symbol of eternal life. It is the union of the number 3 considered sacred and the number 4 considered earthly. This number is not divisible and represents perfection, according to Pythagoras.

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A brief summary of several cases in which the influence of the number seven in the life of the man is appreciated.
From irrefutable facts to movies and books that use the seven as a key number.


Through the power of visualization and execution of each of the exercises that we propose, we can change our life in a satisfactory way. Our state of mind and our energy level can be greatly improved by these techniques that help us to work our inner power.

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  • The universe is governed according to the following seven principles or fundamental laws: law of mentalism, law of cause and effect, law of gender, law of frequency or vibration, [...]

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  • In 2007, Swiss entrepreneur Bernard Weber, founder of New Open World Corporation, launched an international competition to choose the seven new wonders of the modern world [...]

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  • In Walt Disney's famous "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" premiered in 1937, one of the first animated feature films in the history of cinema, Dwarfs, each with [...]

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  • Musical notes are vibrations that produce a sound at a constantly determined frequency. Seven fundamental notes have been defined: DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA, SI, which represent [...]



Here is part of the exercises that we propose to increase our level of positive energy, so that we can live in harmony. Be consistent and practice these exercises daily, once a day, spending at least seven minutes therefor.